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Every year the Team at Airbag Man donate to a variety of charities that we think make a difference & what we feel passionate about.

Below are a list of the charities we have donated to for 2016 & what their mission is.

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Our mission | To help young people exit or avoid admissions to aged care right now. We also aim to develop viable and replicable models to solve the problem once and for all, giving young people with high care needs the choice in care and accommodation they deserve.



We need you! Join the global movement dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice around the world.


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Starlight's mission is "To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families".



Coast Guard plays an extremely important role in the safety of mariners around our vast Australian coastline, far out to sea, and in many of our inland waterways.


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We’re a development organisation working in more than 25 countries. We help train and empower local eye doctors, nurses and health workers to create a sustainable system of care in the communities that need it most. The work we do has a very clear purpose: to make sure everyone, whether they’re rich or poor, has access to high quality, affordable eye health.

Our founder, Fred Hollows, was an internationally renowned eye surgeon and humanitarian. Fred didn’t believe in charity, he firmly believed in teaching, supporting and empowering people to help themselves. He worked tirelessly to end avoidable blindness in Indigenous Australia and around the world – and while it didn’t happen in his time, it will in ours.

Every eye is an eye. When you are doing the surgery

there, that is just as important as if you were doing

eye surgery on the prime minister or the king.






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