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Jayco have contacted Airbag Man the leaders in Air Suspension since 1995 to produce the All-new JTECH Air suspension that gives you the stability and ride comfort of a Touring Caravan with the safety and handling of an Outback. Designed to make towing easier, the automatic speed sensor resets your Caravan's height to optimal drive height on the road.

Let Airbag Man Suspension Keep Your Family Safe on the Road

Road safety is at the heart of what Airbag Man does. We know that Australian families love to venture out onto the open road and that often means towing a caravan or trailer or driving a much bigger vehicle than they may be used to. 

It’s essential to be aware of extra safety concerns if you want to enjoy travelling by road with your family. If everyone takes due care while driving it makes our roads safer for everyone. There are a few things you can do to help!


Follow Rinus & Helga as they travel through the world’s most breathtaking landscapes in their Land Cruiser Troop Carrier all kitted out with Airbag Man Suspension to help cater for the load they are carrying & maintain a safe & level ride at all times.


Mal Leyland & Airbag Man Story


Mal first came into the picture when we (Airbag Man) were exhibiting at a trade show in Brisbane in early 2015 where Mal casually walked up to our stand & started having a good old chat to brothers Jacob & Ben about air suspension for his Fiat Ducato Motorhome. Jacob & Ben, being young lads that they are didnt realise who Mal actually was. Rod, one of their colleagues who was on the stand with Jacob & Ben that day said “Do you know who that was?” Jacob replied “I have no bloody idea”. Rod “That’s Mal Leyland from the Leyland Brothers” then Rod gave them the run down on the Leylands history ;)


This is where it all began…




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