The Animated Series
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The Animated Series Episode 01

Banjo & Matilda’s Family Holiday


Meet Banjo and Matilda, they love going on family holidays with their kids exploring what the land down under has to offer.

When fully loaded with supplies, camping gear and towing their caravan, the rear of their vehicle sags. No ones a happy camper when it comes to a saggy rear end. Driving an unlevel vehicle makes travelling to their destination unsafe & affects steering and braking. Matilda could see and feel that everyone was uneasy, so she jumped on Google to find a solution “Fix My Saggy Rear End“.

Matilda found a company called Airbag Man, Australia’s leaders in Air Suspension since 1995 with thousands of satisfied customers. By installing airbags they will eliminate a saggy rear end keeping their vehicle safe and level when towing or carrying a load. Matilda got straight on the phone, Airbag Man organised a local specialist to install a set of airbags to the rear of their vehicle, instantly by adding air to the airbags, their vehicle was sitting level and the ride quality was a smooth as ever.

Thanks to the team at Airbag Man Banjo and Matilda can enjoy the rest of their holiday stress free and return to their home safely.

Are you in the same boat as Banjo and Matilda?

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