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Hi Lads,

As an owner/operator of Tip Trucks which have Airbag Suspension and knowing how good they are in my trucks I had been considering placing them in my work ute. I was wanting bags that were to the same standard and quality that were in my trucks! After looking around in my home town and not finding what I was hoping for I jumped on and googled Airbags which brought me to one page The Airbag Man.

Hi Team,

I had heard nothing but good things about the Airbag Man replacement airbags with the 2 inch lift.
After talking to the Airbag Man I realised that this was what I needed. Not only was it cheaper than the original it was better quality so it was a no brainer really.

Picked up the kit on the Thursday with intentions to install on the weekend, had a bit of time on the Friday so started the install.

Hi there Team,

I purchased airbags when I first bought the Ute in 2000. I am an earthmoving operator therefore have lots of weight in the back of the Ute, tools, fuel, water etc.

I have never had a problem with them until recently (15 years later) after a fair bit of use and abuse!

Hi Richard,

My Fiat Ducato motorhome has the usual issues with the suspension which I have read about. After a total failure in attempting a sensible response from Fiat I decided that I should just get on and fix it. This was after a Fiat Dealer wrote on my service report that the suspension was not adequate for the task! Naturally, I forwarded this to Fiat H.Q. hoping for a response. The response I did get was that this dealer then refused to fit the new suspension components – guess he received a ‘burn’ for putting this into print.




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