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G’day Ben & Jacob,

I had no concerns about fitting an Air Suspension Kit because of my previous use of this product.

I had air bags fitted in the rear coils of my Isuzu MUX wagon to improve the handling and to level the vehicle when towing a caravan. Since having them fitted, the vehicle is level and the ride is quite smooth.

Hi Ben & Team,

The Air Suspension kit for my 2009 Toyota land cruiser 78 series has eliminated the dolphin effect with the caravan hooked up. It has helped transferring weight from the back axle to the front.

I’ve never had any doubts about any Airbag Man products, I’ve known the Clamp family & their massive team for a very long time and have seen ABM grow very quickly over the time I’ve known them. Airbag Man products are world renowned and are used by thousands of people on a daily basis, Now like myself.

Hi Chaps,

I had no fears of the airbag system as the Airbag Man Air bag system looked “on paper” to be far more superior than the air bags I had fitted upon the vehicle at purchase.

The Air bag system has provided a larger range of support as it is able to with stand higher pressures than my last set.




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