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Hi Darren & Team,

Just to let you know I am happy with the Air Bags which I had fitted to my Avida Motor Home.

My main reasons for installing the Air bags were to balance the weight of the Slide Out and the extra 120 litre fresh water tank that I had added.

Hi Jacob,

No doubts – requested Airbag Man because I hear it’s the best product on the market.

Had air bags fitted to vehicle to enhance towing the caravan, nothing but trouble eventually bags replaced by another mechanic still problems & I was ready to throw them in the bin when I saw an Airbag Man advert on the internet so rang technical support and they said drop in when it suits you so they can have a look see so I did.

At first we wondered how it would affect the handling on corrugated tracks such as the Gibb River Road. But Leon from Airbag Man assured us it would be a smoother ride and would not affect the handling of the vehicle.




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