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Follow Rinus & Helga as they travel through the world’s most breathtaking landscapes in their Land Cruiser Troop Carrier all kitted out with Airbag Man Suspension to help cater for the load they are carrying & maintain a safe & level ride at all times.

With the amount of features and accessories packed into our Lance Slide On Campers, we needed a quality suspension set up to carry the load of all these extras. At Truck Camper Sales we rely on the Airbag Man to provide quality, durable and reliable airbags for our slide on campers.

G’day Ben,

I did have my doubts about getting the airbags installed as I didn't know if they were able to handle the rough 4wdriving I did. The air suspension has certainly been one of the best upgrades I've made to my Jeep. It just makes the drive a lot smoother when I'm loaded up.

Hi Paul & Team,
I've been taking my family on the same trip at Christmas time each year for nearly 10 years now. We make our way up the Cape and into Cedar Bay National Park, near Cooktown.




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